Arcadia is a story of undying love and paranormal activity set during the tumultuous years of the American Civil War and into the 20th Century. 

    In the 1840's two children, Gabriel and Lorena, found a very special, mystical place near their homes in the Appalachian hills of southern Ohio along the Ohio River and they claimed it as their own. They named it Arcadia and at this place, they grew up, fell in love and promised each other that they would be together for eternity. The Civil War separated the two for a while…a long while, but Lorena knew in her heart that someday Gabriel would return and they would once again be as happy as the first day they laid eyes on Arcadia.

    Some say that Arcadia was a special place that God created and preserved for these two individuals. Some say it is a fluke of nature. The families of both Gabriel and Lorena experienced strange and wonderful happenings there themselves and they knew that Arcadia was the destiny of Gabriel and Lorena. The Story of Gabriel, Lorena and Arcadia became a family story that was passed down from generation to generation along with a warning not to interfere with the happenings there.

    At the end of the 20th Century, an old man, a descendant, who experienced first-hand some of these strange and mysterious events, decides it's time to pass on the story and his own experiences to his family...along with a warning not to go there.