Caesar's Silver

Caesar's Silver

    A superb and suspenseful story of fact and fiction that brings to life and chronicles the struggles of real people as they sealed their places in history.

    Caesar, a true life character, was an escaped slave from Virginia who made his way to the Ohio country and was adopted by the Shawnee. His journey from slavery to freedom, from fugitive to a Shawnee Warrior is strikingly described in this book.

    Caesar ‘s life intertwined with the Shawnee, a proud, scattered people, noted for their beautiful silver ornaments, whose wanderings had brought them to the Ohio Valley. Their struggles to remain a strong nation faced with the encroachment of settlers and war with the “Long knives” is expertly portrayed in this book. 

    In 2012, an old letter is found giving detailed directions to an underground cavern that holds a cache of silver that the Shawnee had hidden. What was found in that cavern will astound you for there was much more than the lost treasure of the Shawnee.

    There is a section, in the form of end notes, at the back of the book that will guide the reader through the actual events of history that inspired the author to create this wonderful story.