Death of a Goddess

Death of a Goddess

    A story of mystery and suspense set in the dark and foreboding forest of Brazil.  Pamela’s entire existence was plain brown, from her eyes and hair to her solitary life in Iowa as a sixth-grade school teacher, that is until the devious textbook salesman Charles offers her the trip of a lifetime to South America. 

    Upon arriving, Pamela is quickly led into the depths of the rain forest and abandoned. After a strange tribal ritual with the natives she finds herself not only lost and hunted but face to face with the deep inner turmoil of her past. Just when she thinks she cannot bear anymore, Pamela begins to notice subtle changes taking place in both the world around her and in her own abilities. Little does she know the extent of these changes, the significance they will bring or the lengths her pursuers will go to capture her. Driven further than she ever thought possible, Pamela must not only survive her extraordinary circumstances but also embrace her true identity.

    "Andrew's legs were cramping. He was stunned that someone would actually kidnap him. Suddenly the trunk lid swung open letting the shock of bright, hot sun overwhelm his eyes. 'Where am I?'  A fat, squat man sat in a worn lawn chair wiping sweat from his bright, pink face and looked up at Andrew.  His only response was a maniacal grin."


The author, William “Bill” Dittoe, was born in Uhrichsville, Ohio in 1939. Upon graduating from The Ohio State University he became an architect and was a pioneer in the field of innovative learning environments in higher education. In 1975, he married the love of his life and together they had a daughter along with two children each from previous marriages.

  In the late nineties, Pamela, this book’s main character, began coming to life by way of scribbles and notes on napkins and tiny scraps of paper. This story would continue to flourish and grow and eventually become The Death of a Goddess.

   Sadly, Bill was taken in March 2012 before he was able to see the publication of this novel but he left many pieces of himself behind including his legacy that can be seen on college campuses around the nation, his memory to those who knew and loved him and this remarkable story that is sure to capture the hearts of many.