Logan and Cresap

Logan and Cresap

“Logan was the best specimen of humanity, white or red, that I have ever encountered.”  

                                                                                   Judge William Brown, Early Settler


    Tal-Gah-Jute, or Logan, was a peaceful village Chieftain of the Mingo Confederation. He was highly respected by both the Indians and the Whites and his counsel was eagerly sought in matters of reconciliation between the two. He was driven to brutal warfare and retaliation by the bloody murder and mutilation of his family by local militia men led by Daniel Greathouse. Michael Cresap was wrongly accused by Logan of the murder of his family because he was in command of the local militia of which Greathouse and his henchmen were a part of. However, Michael Cresap was not involved in this murder at all and history has proven him to be a great patriot.

    Note from BPC: The real culprits in the murder of Logan’s family are believed by many to be John Dunmore, Royal Governor of Virginia and his appointed Chief of Indian Affairs and Militia at Fort Pitt, Dr. John Connolly.  Both of these individuals were staunch British Loyalists and in the face of certain rebellion by the colonies, they covertly set up a series of events that would cause the Indians of the Ohio Country to strike the war post and hopefully tie up the militia of the two most populous colonies, Pennsylvania and Virginia in brutal warfare, thus allowing time for the Crown to reinforce their military presence in face of the impending Revolution. (See the book, “A Point of Controversy”.)