Over There With Private Graham

Over There With Private Graham

    Originally part of this book was published as Hell's Observer.  After publication, two more instances of this soldier's hand-written journal were found by his descendants and presented to us. This book contains the now complete journal of Private William J. Graham. This well written and detailed journal contains not only his own personal observances and experiences, but also previously untold stories from other soldiers he encountered and recorded. Over 300 wonderful photographs from the Bruce Jarvis Collection  gives the reader a visual understanding of what this soldier is writing about.


    This soldier's Journal is real national treasure and is a must read for anyone with an interest in the War to end all Wars, military history in general or just wanting a good read.

    Over four thousand miles from his home, family and work as a Philadelphia mounted policeman, thirty-nine year old William J. Graham found himself fighting as a detached field M.P. in war-devastated northern France as one of over two million men and women who made up the American Expeditionary Forces in the bloody latter half of 1918. Through his keen eyes and artful powers of description, it is not difficult to imagine yourself slogging through the muddy blood-spattered fields of the Western Front as the earth trembles and German shells scream overhead where hunger, cooties, and death are constant companions.  Private Graham's uncensored journal of over 850 hand-written pages was penned by him not from memory while resting comfortably by a warm fire in a stuffed chair but incredibly, mostly in the field while the events he describes actually unfolded around him.

    In order to share Private Graham’s story with the widest possible audience at the most economical rate, most of the photographic illustrations have been removed from the Lightly Illustrated version.  This concession does not diminish the impact of Graham’s written words. However, both hardcover and ebook versions retain the full set of over 300 rare period photographs for those who appreciate a more visual experience to enhance what is already an incredible but true American war story.