Sarah's Search

Sarah's Search


   Destiny! Fate! Sarah didn’t believe that life was contributable to these uncontrollable forces, but to the choices of human beings, and a very real and loving God. Although still single, she believed that God’s plan for her included marriage and a family with her as a pastor’s wife or hopefully, the wife of a foreign missionary. Her prayers for this very special man and their service together were more than a decade old. She saw no likely candidates, but trusted God with her life.

    So, Sarah lived her life in the moment serving God and looking for the joy God provided in each day. That joy now found her on a dream vacation in Toledo, Spain where she had fallen in love with the culture, the people, and the city. She had little more than a day left on her vacation and used her unscheduled time to visit an art gallery near her hostel where she met Fillip. They had a few hours together before Sarah dashed back to the safety of her familiar life.

    Vacation Sarah was little threat to Satan in Toledo even if her witness did win one man to the Enemy. The salvation of this waiter was an incidental note on the demon Warning’s report to his Master. But, Sarah doesn’t stay in her room and Fillip isn’t a man to give up easily.

    Warning, Satan's demon observer, reports to his Master that Sarah is becoming a real threat to Satan’s plans. Demons are ordered to intervene, but Sarah’s angels don’t leave her defenseless.

    Is God working and answering prayers? Will the assigned demons keep Sarah from a future with Fillip who is not saved and who has distanced himself from God?