Shattered Hart

Shattered Hart

                                                             Book One of the Questing Heart Trilogy


    When the death of her husband shatters Alicia Hart's world, she decides to take a sabbatical from work to explore a family mystery. Her research leads her from West Union, Ohio to Morgantown, West Virginia.

    As she becomes more and more intrigued studying the records of her ancestors, the accident that killed her husband spawns a murder investigation that pulls her back home. Alicia must find answers to serious questions in both the past and in the present. Her efforts to solve these mysteries will impact her future in ways she never imagined.

    As a lover of mystery and intrigue and a counselor, as well as an avid genealogy researcher, Alicia Hart is a different kind of protagonist. I hope you will enjoy her adventures as she moves through the Questing Hart Series searching for answers, but more importantly, for peace of mind.