The Volunteer's Non-Medical Novel

The Volunteer's Non-Medical Novel

    To Harry, volunteering is a compulsion driven by desire and incurable disease that is more him than he is himself. He protects and covets this malady like an illicit love affair.

    The author, being exposed to many volunteers in different Hospices, became aware of certain impressive traits. With a background in sales and influenced by religion he found that a harsh honesty was a foundation that others could lean on. The "Harrys" he met have this as a common denominator. Around it there are a range of all the flavors; from pious to risque.

    It takes a special person to become a Hospice Volunteer and be extremely good at it. Harry is one of these special people. His life centers around his Volunteer work and the people he meets and works with. His patients and their stories are based on real life characters and events. This book will have you laughing out loud one minute, then perhaps wiping away a tear the next. 

    This book is not only a “must read” for anyone considering becoming a Volunteer but everybody who has a loved one who is, or will be, in need of Hospice, will gain some valuable information and insight on what to expect. It is a well written human interest story that will have you hating to put it down.