True Stories of Indian Captivities

True Stories of Indian Captivities

    As the storm of Indian warfare raged across the early American Frontier, the settlers lived in a state of mortal fear and apprehension.  We who live in modern times can only imagine the horror that was experienced by these unfortunate souls who were taken captive.



    This book contains graphic, first hand descriptions of torture, murder and atrocities committed against men, women and children by the Indians in their desperate struggle to force the settlers from their lands. Reader discretion is advised. (Please note: As you read this book, remember that the nature of such acts of atrocities described were committed by both sides.) 




    “Others stabbed and cut the throats of the three youngest children in their bed, and afterwards lifted them up, and dashed them on the floor near their mother. The eldest, a beautiful girl, eight years of age, awoke, and jumping out of bed, ran to her mother, and with the most plaintive accents cried, “O Mamma! Mamma! Save me!” The mother, in the deepest anguish of spirit, and with a flood of tears, entreated the Indians to spare her life; but, with that awfully revolting brutality, they tomahawked and stabbed her in her mother's arms !”


    “My dear wife had a sucking child in her arms; this little infant they killed and scalped. They then struck my wife at sundry times, but not getting her down, the Indian who had aimed to shoot me ran to her, shot her through the body, and scalped her.  My little boy, an only son, about six years old, they sunk the hatchet into his brains, and thus dispatched him. A daughter, besides the infant, they also killed and scalped.”


    “It was not until all had left the place that the cries of Mrs. Clendenin's child caused the Indians to inquire for its mother. When they found she had made her escape, a monster Indian observed “he would bring the cow to her calf,” and taking the infant by the heels, dashed out its brains against a tree!  And as though this was not enough, the miscreant throwing it down into the van, the whole company marched over it, the hoofs of the horses tearing out its bowels, and the feet of the Indians tracked the ground as they went with its blood!”